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Shining World Hero Award Recipient: Harvey the Gentle Pitbull


In our show last week, a Shining World Compassion Award was awarded to the Faithful Friends Animal Society. Operating out of Delaware, USA, for more than twenty years, this no-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization helps save more than 20,000 dogs and cats a year. Today, we are celebrating a super canine companion they rescued, a Shining World Hero Award recipient, Harvey the pit bull. Lynne Sobiesky from Faithful Friends told us Harvey’s beautiful story, how his attentiveness and patience helped them rescue three kittens from a drain, Brewster, Brie and Beta. “It was a very cold, 19 degree (F) (-7oC) night in December and the dog staff was out walking Harvey and they came in to get me, along with three other members of the dog staff team to say that Harvey alerted them to kittens that were in the sewer drain down the road. So we rushed out there. We were able to coax one of them out and it was the first one who was Brewster. And then, we looked down in there but we couldn't see anymore. Well then the following week there goes Harvey again barking and barking at the sewer drain. So we did see the other two down there and we were able to get those out to safety as well. And I'm glad to say all three have been adopted. I thank Harvey all the time for finding them for me.” “Fortunately, because your organization aired his story where he rescued some kittens that were stuck in a drain, he got a new home and he's now living in Georgia.” Touched by what he did to save the three kittens, Supreme Master Ching Hai thankfully offered a Shining World Hero Award to Harvey and US$2,000 for vegan goodies, all “with love, high five and a big hug in God’s immense benevolence.” May our little hero “be well and happy in God’s lap.”