Shining World Protection Award Recipient: Redefine Meat – Advancing Vegan Food Technology, Part 2 of 2


Today, we continue our interview with Mr. Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, its founder and CEO. Mr. Ben-Shitrit talks about what motivated him to work towards a vegan world. “So, here is a famous writing about the vision of vegetarianism and peace. Essentially what he says is that, all human beings are morally corrupt; and because we are morally corrupt, we eat animals. But the first stage for peace in the world for the Messiah to come back, it was to stop being morally corrupt. And the first step is to be vegetarian. This is something I really have passion for. We’re, doing amazing technology, very complicated with many challenges. But we're doing it in a place that has an impact on the planet, on the future, on possibly what world I’m leaving for my son. But it’s also fun and tasty.” After hearing of their amazing work to encourage the planet-saving, plant-based diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Protection Award to Jet-Eat, (now known as Redefine Meat) with a humble contribution of US$20,000 towards this fantastic project. With big, happy praises, and best wishes for success in Heaven’s abundant blessing.” “And accompanying the Award is this crystal plaque. I’ll take a moment to read it. For Redefine Meat, formerly known as Jet-Eat. In Recognition of Ingenious Eco-Friendly 3D Printing of Vegan Nourishment Brilliantly Creating a Solution for Instant, Tasty & Nutritious Food Reducing Carbon Footprint and Saving Our Planet With Compliments and Gratitude For Outstanding Environmental Protection Efforts Presented by Supreme Master Ching Hai” “How nice is that? Right? So it’s really exciting. So it was very emotional, and really... To think that there’s somebody sitting literally in the other side of the world, as I said, that thinks about how they can support, how they can tell people, ‘Well done! Keep up what you are doing!’ It’s really nice. And then we learned a little bit about the Supreme Master and all the work, and looking at how you promote an idea through food. Food is very intimate, you put it in your body. So promoting an idea through food is very powerful.” Congratulations, Redefine Meat! We are excited about your work and wish you continual success in God’s protection.