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Shining World Hero Award Recipients: Devoted Companions Sadie and Bella


Today we have the pleasure of visiting Mrs. Maureen Hatcher at her home in St. Augustine, Florida, where she lives with her grandson and her four-legged companions. One day, when Mrs. Hatcher was home alone with her two dogs, Sadie and Bella, she experienced a life-threatening stroke that hindered her movement. " It was a normal day and when I got out of the shower, I sat down and I blacked out on my bathroom floor. I couldn’t move. And I looked at Sadie and I said, 'I need help.' Bella managed to get out the front door, which is an instant automatic lock door. She got out and she went to my neighbors across the street and sat at her front door and barked. My neighbor came over and she came to the door and said to Sadie, 'Where's your mama?' And Sadie brought her to me." "This whole incident has led me to believe and has shown me just how smart these girls are, all dogs for that matter." "These are my babies, they're my kids. So, I'm very blessed to have them."

This was not the first time that Mrs. Hatcher’s guardian angels were there to help her in her most critical moments. "Sadie, my oldest, this is the second time that she has helped me. I woke up Mother’s Day night, about 2:30 in the morning and I couldn't breathe. So I told her I needed help, to please go get Tyler. She went to his bedroom. He was asleep and she brought him to me."

Touched by their loving heroic acts, Supreme Master Ching Hai joyfully presented Sadie and Bella with the Shining World Heroine Award and a thoughtful donation of US$4000. "We hereby applaud and celebrate the heroic deeds of super canines, Sadie and Bella Hatcher. May you two and your family be blessed with health and happiness in God's embrace. With gratitude, best wishes, and all my love, Supreme Master Ching Hai." "I thank Her very much for this and I'm so thrilled that She chose to recognize them, because they are my heroes.”