Shining World Invention Award Recipient: Dr. Olga Malinkewicz for Perovskite Solar Cell Technology


As a scientific researcher, inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Malinkiewicz has developed a fabrication method that allows the printing of perovskite-based solar cell panels for a wide range of potential applications. Compared to the traditional solar cell panels that are largely made of silicon, perovskite-based panels are less expensive to produce and can be used indoors. Dr. Malinkiewicz, however, found a way to layer down the perovskite mineral in a relatively simple and straightforward manner. Her invention is based on inkjet-printing technology, in which the perovskite mineral is placed down on a substrate with precise positional control. This breakthrough allows the construction of flat panels without sophisticated instruments, which would greatly expand the applications of perovskite-based solar cells.

“This invention is designed in such a way that when it is implemented in production, it will become very common, because it can be used on virtually any surface and in many different places. It can be the sole link as it is now, a traditional link, but it can also be part of a building facade. It can be part of the window. It can be an element integrated in the car. It can be a fragment of a sail. It can be a piece of clothing. It can also be a part of our electronic devices like a smart phone or a laptop.”

Touched by her pioneering work on broadening the applications of the perovskite-based solar cell, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyously present Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz the Shining World Invention Award, plus a loving gift of US$21,000 for extra support for this wonderful and world protecting project, in God’s wonder. May Heavens shine on your brilliant mind with wisdom and love.” Dr. Malinkiewicz graciously thanked Master and expressed her sincere gratitude during the award ceremony. “I would like to thank immensely Supreme Master Ching Hai for this wonderful award. It is a great honor for me and great luck to be honored by Supreme Master Ching Hai.”