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Shining World Compassion Award Recipients: Ocean Futures Society and the Whale Sanctuary Project, Part 2 of 2


Our spotlight today is on the Whale Sanctuary Project. Founded in 2016, they focus exclusively on creating seaside sanctuaries in North America for cetaceans who have been rescued and need rehabilitation. In an interview at the headquarters of Ocean Futures Society in Santa Barbara, USA, we were privileged to have Mr. Charles Vinick, Director of the Project, share the goals of the organization with us.

“We're looking in really three main areas in Nova Scotia on the east coast in Washington State and British Columbia on the west coast, two particularly in Nova Scotia, in towns called Sheet Harbour and Sherbrooke and in Washington State on Cypress Island, an area called Deep Water Bay. These three sites all have the physical criteria.”

Charles continued by highlighting some other important points that need to be considered when they establish a sanctuary. The main purpose is to provide rescued cetaceans with an environment that enhances their well-being, and autonomy, and is as close as possible to their natural habitat. He then explained in details how they manage the sanctuaries and how they collaborate with other facilities to help our precious cetacean friends. “What we will do is create the first model sanctuary and then others can replicate that around the world so that we can make a dent in the size of the problem. And we can demonstrate that we can provide higher quality of life for these animals. And that's the intent of the project.” Charles also believes it is greatly beneficial to educate young children about the importance of protecting the cetaceans and the ocean environment.

Upon learning of their noble efforts in saving the orcas and beluga whales, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly offered the Whale Sanctuary Project the Shining World Compassion Award, plus “a humble contribution of US$10,000” for their benevolent endeavor, “with love, respect and gratitude in God’s mercy.”

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