Shining World Education Award Recipient: Acharya Sonam Dorje Rinpoche (vegan)


Today we travel to Manaslu, a remote mountainous region of west-central Nepal, to visit the Shree Lho Basic School. Founded in 2010 by Reverend Acharya Sonam Dorje Rinpoche, the school has offered education and boarding free of charge to children of surrounding villages. Thanks to this loving and compassionate deed of the Reverend Rinpoche, the children are able to receive a proper education. “The school is located high in the Himalayas. There are a lot of children in the village. There is no school and they don’t go to school. When they grow up, they have no education and cannot find work. In 2010, the village chief had a meeting with the older villagers and the elderly. Everyone wanted to donate the land and seek help to build the school. Construction of the school started in 2011. In the first year, there were more than 30 children studying.” The esteemed Reverend explains the difficulties faced as the number of students began to grow, as well as the plan to continue developing the students after they graduate.

At the school all meals provided are strictly vegetarian. The respected founder explained to us the benefit of a vegetarian diet. “It has a great impact on the world. There is more and more vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is very important. Vegetarian food is more extensive. Why? It is of great merits and benefits to help all sentient beings by saving their lives. In the Buddha's scriptures, it is mentioned that vegetarian food is a great way to help sentient beings.” Besides conducting classes in three languages to offer knowledge and useful skills, the school also teach their students the value of virtuous conduct, based on Buddhist teachings.

Upon learning of this compassionate work, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented the Shining World Education Award to the respected teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. “With the utmost respect and reverence, we humbly thank Acharya Sonam Dorje Rinpoche for your untiring, selfless commitment to saving people from suffering, for your exemplary wisdom and saintly love, and for sharing the Holy Dharma. May the Buddha bless you and all involved abundantly, always. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings in Heaven’s Grace. Supreme Master Ching Hai.”