Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Fiorella Migliore (vegan) – A Message of Love


A former Miss Italia Paraguay 2008 and Miss World Paraguay 2012, charismatic Fiorella Migliore is an actress, model, television presenter, plant-based chef and vegan activist who wishes to use her platform for spreading love and urgent messages that benefit humanity and the world. Her dream of connecting with and uniting people of different cultures and languages through art is manifest through her actions as she helps to remind others of our interconnectedness with all beings, including our loving animal co-inhabitants.

Alongside the tremendous impacts our daily dietary choices have on the climate crisis, Fiorella hopes to relate to our innate compassion by opening our eyes and hearts to the suffering, sentience, and loving nature of animals. “My mission is, to try to expose the look of those beings who want to live, the look of those loving beings that do not hurt anyone. That they only want to give love.”

For her caring and noble work, Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully bestowed Fiorella Migliore the Shining World Compassion Award. “Dear Ms. Migliore, It is with great admiration and gratitude that we present to you the ‘Shining World Compassion Award’ for raising awareness about how food choices impact the environment and health. Working with Award-winning vegan producer Kip Anderson, you produced the documentary ‘From Paraguay, With Love,’ to inform citizens that what’s on their plate has a direct impact on the Gran Chaco Forest, the second largest jungle in South America next to the Amazon. For using your stellar fame to awaken the public, revealing the truth behind the animal raising industry, for advocating the vegan way of life and that ‘Todos somos uno,’ and for heroically defending nature and your Country, With high esteem we salute the great compassionate deeds of Fiorella Migliore. May Heavens forever bless and safeguard you and your loved ones. In God's protection, love and blessings.”

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