Mr. Li He-chuan - Paragons of Love in Animal Protection

By Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese) 2007.12.05
People in Formosa are paying increasing attention to animal protection. While groups have been formed to ensure the animals' well-being, many individuals are also doing their part to help stray animals. ( For related stories, please refer to No. 192 of our magazine.) In order to commend their noble endeavors, representatives of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association presented the World Compassion Award and a number of gifts, on behalf of Master, to some of these benevolent people in December of Golden Year 4 (2007). The honorable recipients were Mr. and Mrs. Hou Xiang-cheng, Mr. Li He-chuan and Ms. Huang Qiu-gui.

The owner of a machinery factory in Chiayi County, Mr. Li He-chuan could not stand to see the dogs in the streets without proper care. Therefore, he generously spent ten million NT dollars (about US$300,000) to build a professionally designed shelter, employing specialists to take care of its residents. He also recruited people to place dog food twice a day at selected sites along several different roads for the many homeless dogs in neighboring Chiayi City that his pound could not accommodate. His employees were required to file daily reports for his review. To ensure the dogs received proper care, he used his business management skills to set up a systematic procedure for taking care of them, maintaining an individual record for each dog.

The Shining World Compassion Award was presented at the Panlu Dog Pound of the Chiayi City Animal Protection Association. The event was covered by Ms. Wang Yu-chun from the Liberty Times, and her report was published in the Chiayi edition of this second-largest national daily on December 6, urging more people to join in the animal protection efforts. In addition to the commendation letter and plaque, our Association presented Mr. Li with Master's new books The Dogs in My Life and The Birds in My Life, News magazines, DVDs, music CDs and some vegetarian dog food.

Mr. Li said that he was highly honored to receive Master's acknowledgement and encouragement. He hoped that more compassionate people would be inspired to join in the effort and elevate humanity to the highest level. He further hoped that every one of the stray dogs would one day be accepted into a caring family. Mr. Li urged the government to enact a law on animal adoption and require household registration for the animals. He said that only when children are taught how to keep pets properly will the problem be completely resolved.