Mr. Jin Dan - Master's Timely Contribution Warms the Bodies and Hearts of Stray Dogs

By Hong Kong News Group (Originally in Chinese) 2007.10.26

On October 26, Golden Year 4 (2007), representatives from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association went to visit Mr. Jin Dan, a renowned animal lover, at his dog accommodation center in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China. (For details of Mr. Jin Dan's compassionate actions, please refer to "Dribbles of Love Converge to Save Stray Dogs" in News magazine #189.) On behalf of Master, our representatives presented to Mr. Jin Dan the World Compassion Award and a gift of US$5,000, giving him the means to improve the environment of his accommodation center for stray dogs. Recently, Mr. Jin Dan was very anxious and worried about sheltering the dogs from wind and snow in the coming winter, so he was overjoyed in receiving Master's timely support. He was very grateful to Master for Her love and concern. He promised that he would use this money well to help more stray dogs and ensure that all the animals taking refuge in his center would survive the cold winter.

When we visited the dog accommodation center, we noticed that the animals' living environment had improved a lot. Previously they had to crowd together inside a few temporary sheds, but now each dog has a lovely and sturdy dog house, and the environment is very clean and tidy. Observing the happy dogs, we were deeply touched by Mr. Jin Dan's great compassion. He also mentioned that most of the dogs had been adopted by compassionate people, only the sick and weak were left behind to continue to be taken care of by him and the volunteer workers.

During our interview with Mr. Jin Dan, he repeatedly praised the dogs for having very deep feelings, selfless love, great loyalty towards humans, as well as other noble qualities that are not even found in some people.

God has miraculously taken care of these animals through a local vegetarian restaurant that has pledged to provide vegetarian food for the dogs free of charge, so that they can become more healthy and beautiful. Mr. Jin Dan was extremely moved by this miracle and felt very happy for the dogs.

Apart from presenting the plaque and award money to Mr. Jin Dan, we also shared with him Master's latest books including The Dogs of My Life, The Realization of Health and Coloring Our Lives, which he gladly accepted and promised to read carefully to understand Master's teachings.

The day after we left Inner Mongolia, the local temperature dropped to minus four degrees Celsius. Master's timely help has warmed the bodies and hearts of these stray animals. We hope that with God's blessing, this stray dog accommodation center will provide greater and better care to our animal friends, so that they can enjoy a happy life on Earth just as we do!

Appreciation Letter from Mr. Jin Dan

It is my greatest honor to have received Supreme Master Ching Hai's personally signed letter and the World Compassion Award. I have also received the US$5,000 (RMB 36,500) award fund from representatives of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, which I will make good use of to help the homeless dogs in Inner Mongolia.

Many fellow practitioners from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association have lovingly adopted and given homes to many of the stray dogs in our center. I am extremely touched by their great compassion towards the dogs. I hope the fund will help to improve the living environment and food for the dogs, and I also hope that the dogs will find love and consolation in Master's loving concern.

I hope people will give more love and protection to the animals and take care of them as our brothers and sisters.

Again, I thank Master for Your love and concern.

With deepest gratitude and best wishes,

Jin Dan
(Award Recipient)
October 26, 2007