Shining World Invention Award Recipient: Eyal Golan (vegan) of Coral Manta – Saving Lives through Innovation


According to global reports, drowning is among the top three leading causes of unintentional death among children worldwide, with 86% of incidents occurring in residential pools. Searching for an effective advanced drowning detection system, but to no avail, in 2014, Israel’s Mr. Eyal Golan, a software engineer and concerned dad, along with his partner Dr. Tamar Avraham, decided to dedicate their time and effort to developing a product themselves. Thus, their computer vision-based drowning detection system for residential swimming pools, now known as Coral Manta, was born.

Named partly in honor of two young girls in Israel, Cora and Or, who sadly drowned in the backyard pool at their grandmother’s house, the Coral Manta Detection Systems were created with the sole mission to save lives. “We all want to believe that we can watch kids for three, four or five straight hours without taking our eyes for a second or a few seconds from them. But that's not true. No one can do that. And what Coral Manta does is that it's like a lifeguard eye under the water. It never gets distracted.”

“The system has two types of alerts. The first alert is when someone gets into the water for the first time. This is when you get like a short, yet loud alert, just to know that someone is in the water right now, because the child might go into the pool and you're not even aware of it. But the main thing is that it's constantly monitoring, tracking everybody in the pool, and the moment it senses that or sees that someone is not moving for 15 seconds, or more, or about 15 seconds, it will set off the alarm. Now the alarm is much louder, and it won’t stop. It will go until the system detects the object, or the person was removed from the water.”

Upon hearing about his amazing work, our Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Cheerfully present Mr. Eyal Golan the Shining World Invention Award, plus a loving contribution of US$15,000 for this life-saving project, with love, cheers and gratitude.”