Shining World Heroine Award Recipients: Jules Casey and PT Hirschfield (vegan)– The Passionate Marine Videographers and Photographers


On today’s Shining World Award program, we will walk you through the life-saving journeys of two avid divers who have spent a considerable amount of time filming underwater and sharing their deep connection with the ocean, via social media. Jules Casey and PT Hirschfield have both rescued many sea animal-people while scuba diving. One of their rescues in early 2021, involved saving a distressed Port Jackson shark-person tethered to the seabed by a hook from a tangled fishing line. “I've really found that being in the ocean had a profound impact on my health. I was a cancer patient, who had cancer three times 2010, 2013, and 2014. And even when I was recovering from surgeries, I found that the idea of getting back into the ocean was really a great motivating force in my life.”

“We've rescued many different kinds of animals that were entrapped in the same way, with fishing hooks in their mouths with fishing line no longer attached to rods being held by people on the pier, just tethered to the seafloor and dying slow deaths. So, this is actually quite a common occurrence with this little Port Jackson shark and also with the Fiddler race, also known as Banjo sharks. So, this is actually something that unfortunately we do on a fairly regular basis.”

As a child, PT Hirschfield found it disturbing to consume meat and decided that she wanted to be a vegetarian. She later faced the reality of the inhumane practices of the dairy & poultry industry and became vegan. “I cannot understand how anybody could eat an octopus once they have actually interacted with one. Once you meet an octopus, it changes everything for you. You hold out your hand and this little arm comes out and touches you, it really touches your heart.”

Upon hearing about their touching act of kindness, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Tearfully present the Shining World Heroine Award to Jules Casey and PT Hirschfield for your compassionate rescue of the small, helpless shark-people, with heartfelt gratitude and love. May Heaven reward and bless you manyfold.”
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