Ms. Farzana - The Heroine Who Saved Five Lives

By Hong Kong News Group (Originally in English)

In September, Golden Year 4 (2007), after knowing the heroic story of Farzana, a girl who single-handedly rescued three children, a woman and a man from the swollen Panar River in India, Master graciously granted the Shining World Heroine Award to her, together with a US$2000 scholarship.

Farzana lives in the remote and small village of Bisheri Ghat near the border of India and Nepal. Farzana is the eldest daughter of five children in a family that lives below the poverty line. It is difficult enough for the father to raise the children, let alone give them an education. Farzana is shy and seldom smiles due to her harsh life in the village, according to Mr. Kar, Official Secretary of Farzana's school. But her less fortunate conditions did not suppress her beautiful nature in helping others. On the morning of September 13, while washing clothes near the Panar River, she heard cries from the passengers of an overturned boat that had been carrying 15 people and their motorbikes and bicycles. Without hesitation, Farzana jumped into the river. She first saved a child, then went back into the water repeatedly and saved four other strangers. All this was done at great risk to her own life since the river at that time was very high and the currents were dangerously swift. The capsized boat's remaining passengers managed to swim to safety on their own, and by God's mercy, not one life was claimed in the accident.

Because of Farzana's courageous and brave deed, the local government nominated her to be admitted into India's Bihar Education Project. High school students admitted to this Project can enjoy education, boarding and meal facilities that are free of charge. Only 31 students have been able to enter the Project so far, from the tens of thousands of out-of-school children in the area. Currently, Farzana is learning Hindi. Next year she plans to learn Persian and then English. Her teacher has said that she is a very good student.

With the help of the assistant to the District Manager of Purnia, Mr.Arbind Kumar Jha, we were able to meet Farzana on November 28 to present the Shining World Heroine Award and convey Master's love to her and her family. Farzana was very happy and her gleaming smile made the warm and sunny day even brighter. She thanked Master for Her love and the Bihar government for giving her a chance to go to school again. She promised she would use the money righteously in her education. In our interview with Farzana, she mentioned that the prize was very much of a surprise and that she would do it again even without reward. The Bihar government officer also thanked Supreme Master Television for broadcasting Farzana's event worldwide, so that young people could follow her steps.

Farzana's compassion and selflessness will undoubtedly continue to shine in whatever lies ahead. We wish her every success and may her gracious deeds inspire many others toward similar nobility to make our world an even more beautiful place in this Golden Year of spiritual enlightenment.