Shining World Preservation Award Recipients: Matthias and Isabella Walter (vegetarians) and the Peace Tree (Friedensbaum) Foundation


As spiritual seekers, Matthias and Isabella Walter never planned on becoming the founders of the Peace Tree Foundation until they received a revelation during a Sun Dance ceremony. Through this ceremony, they received the task of making a documentary film to share the vital message of spiritual leaders from the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta in Colombia, South America.

“We are the Wisdom Keepers of the Natural Order, the Divine Order, all the laws that had been passed on by our spiritual ancestors. They exist in all trees, animals, waters, in our connection to Mother Earth, in our relationships as humans, of different cultures and races, as we are all part of the great humanity on this planet. We are the carriers of this message, the message of spirituality. Recognize that everything that exists interacts with one another. Every single one of us is equally important, so that all life can exist in harmony, balance, and peace.”

Guided by their inner light, Matthias and Isabella Walter founded the Friedensbaum or Peace Tree Foundation in 2015, inviting whoever was willing to ritually plant one million peace trees worldwide in order to strengthen connections among all parts of creation. They assist people in rekindling their connection with Divine Nature through reconnecting with colorful, living biodiversity.

“The prophecies are about a time when Mother Earth will clean herself, and a new people consisting of many colors, classes, nations, religions, young and old, poor and rich, will come together again. And this tribe will make the Earth green again with all its consciousness, with its power, and with its deeds. And these people will become known as the Rainbow Warriors.”

Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present Matthias and Isabella Walter the Shining World Preservation Award plus a humble US$10,000 contribution as a small token of support to the Peace Tree Foundation for peace on the planet, with lots of love and praises in prayers to Heaven.”