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Shining World Award for Earth Protection Recipient: Dr. Sailesh Rao (vegan) – Humble Endeavors to Protect Our Loving Earth


In 2007, Dr. Rao, a shining beacon of courage and compassion, stepped away from his prominent career in electrical engineering at the prestigious Stanford University, to found Climate Healers, a non-profit organization tasked with healing the Earth’s climate crisis.

“Then, in 2005, I happened to see Vice President Al Gore's presentation on TV. I started working on it from a systems perspective. The best and fastest way to solve the global warming crisis is for humanity to go vegan. There is nothing that comes close to what that can achieve. Because it will reduce emissions by about 30% directly, and then it will release 37% of the land area of the planet to be reforested. And on that land, the trees and the forests will sequester another 57% of the greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. So together, we get 87% at least, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, if the world goes vegan.”

“Yes, I absolutely have total faith in humanity that we are going to transition to a vegan world before 2026. Because that's what the science is telling us that we need to do. And if we don't do it, we are on track to wipe out almost all wild animals on this planet by 2026.”

In appreciation of his invaluable work, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Award for Earth Protection to Dr. Sailesh Rao with all praises, love and gratitude, in God's Grace.”

“Along with the IPCC’s 2019 ‘Climate Change and Land’ report with United Nations climate change experts calling for urgent reduction of meat consumption to save our planet, the overwhelming evidence leaves no doubt of the root cause of our Climate Emergency. As the public becomes more aware from respected reports such as yours, governments will have the mandate to enact vegan law. For exemplary guidance and exceptionally wise research, for the courage and technical scientific brilliance to reveal the truth, and for bringing light and hope to the people, we hereby applaud and celebrate the vitally important Earth-protecting deeds of Dr. Sailesh Rao.”