Shining World Protection Award Recipient: Vets For Compassion – Creating Communities of Care for Animal-People in a Time of Uncertainty


Dr. Elaine Ong, veterinary surgeon and founder of the non-profit Vets For Compassion, and her committed team members set a shining world example in this respect. The Australia-based, Vets For Compassion, provides animal-persons in Australia and parts of Asia with medical care from highly skilled vets on a day-to-day basis and during natural disaster-related emergencies. The notable non-profit organization also offers free-of-charge training to veterinarians and vet professionals in less fortunate areas on the best practices for spaying and neutering of street dog- and cat-people, along with rabies prevention.

“We started Vets For Compassion nearly 10 years ago.” “In Australia, we evolved to doing wildlife work.” “We also do a lot of work in every single disaster in Victoria, and also help in New South Wales during fires and floods.” “We work with animals that people don’t care about that much in general. A lot of people are not even aware that in a fire, newspapers report loss of homes, loss of people, loss of livestock, never ever report about loss of wildlife. And that’s what we hope to change.”

Upon learning of the admirable deeds of the noble organization, our most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Protection Award to Vets For Compassion, plus US$20,000, “for extra support toward their noble endeavor. May Heavens always shield you and all involved as you protect the innocent and vulnerable animal-people.”

The “Shining World Protection Award” from Supreme Master Ching Hai for Vets For Compassion: “In recognition of exemplary frontline animal welfare advocacy throughout Asia, loving care - rescuing, healing, rehabilitating and releasing, upskilling carers, supporting wildlife and nurturing compassion, benevolently uplifting our world. With compliments and gratitude for protecting precious lives with love. Congratulations!”