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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Liberation 360 – Ending the Unjust Food Regime through Grassroots Policy Change


Liberation 360, the grassroots organization based in California, United States, sets a beautiful example. Their goal is to save animal-people from the brutality of the meat and dairy industry and provide education for alternative ways to live. Liberation 360 makes courageous efforts toward ending the billion-dollar government subsidies provided to the agribusiness of meat and dairy. Working closely with the federal lobbying group Agricultural Fairness Alliance, of which Connie Spence is a co-founder, Liberation 360 strives to transform the unjust food system. Their agenda includes raising taxpayers’ awareness, strengthening communities’ capacity to make compassionate food choices, and empowering disadvantaged people to access ethical food and work.

An innovative program of Liberation 360 is the “Fed Up” card, which gives a child or a young person interested in veganism, $100 monthly for vegan groceries. “What this card will do is while legislation and policy hasn't changed to reduce the cost of vegan food, yet, it closes the gap to where our community can donate money, so that we can feed nominated children, teens and young adults who want to be vegan.”

Our most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Liberation 360, plus US $10,000 as a humble token of helping your work, with all love and high salute for your crucial endeavors. May you and all your fellow activists enjoy continued success and constant protection by Heaven.”

“Dear Connie, It is with much admiration and gratitude that we present to Liberation 360 the ‘Shining World Compassion Award’ for striving to end animal-people agribusiness subsidies, level the playing field to bring truthful supply and demand back to agriculture. […] For determined efforts to ‘end animal-people exploitation once and for all’, for unifying the vegan movement, creating a powerful force for positive change, and for your heroism and wisdom, in awe and with lofty praise, we salute the benevolent deeds of Liberation 360. […] In the Immaculate Love and Blessings of God Supreme Master Ching Hai”

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