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Minister Michael Wright - A Self-Sacrificing Act of Love

By North Carolina News Group, USA (Originally in English)

On April 25, Golden Year 5 (2008), Minister Michael Wright from North Carolina, USA, received the Shining World Hero Award founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai for an outstanding act of heroism, courage and compassionate assistance to protect others from danger.

One day after work, while getting ready to go home and talking to a friend, Minister Michael noticed some smoke coming from a small vehicle behind a van. His friend went to check what was happening. Suddenly he screamed, "The car is on fire and children are in the car!" Minister Michael immediately ran to the vehicle, went into the thick smoke and flames, and pulled two of the children out. In doing this, he saved their lives and allowed their mother to help the other two kids to safety. Without thinking of himself, Minister Michael responded to the cries for help from the four children caught in the burning car.

Minister Michael's unconditional loving kindness and self-sacrificing heart allowed him to respond quickly to this urgent situation. We offer our sincerest thanks to him for setting such a shinning example for us all.