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Shining World Compassion & Courage Award Recipient: Simone Reyes (vegan)– A Heartfelt Voice for the Voiceless.


American singer-songwriter, actress, professional speaker, and author, Simone Reyes, considers herself foremost a vegan, animal-people lover, passionate activist, and rescuer. For over 20 years, Simone has been using her vast on-camera and public speaking experience to champion for the defenseless people of the animal kingdom.

In addition to rescuing farmed animal-persons and joining in demonstrations, Simone has used her eloquence to regularly speak on behalf of animal-people on prolific outlets such as CNN, Headline News and World Animal News, along with major events including the National Animal Rights Conventions and TEDx symposiums.

As an artist and compassionate animal-people protector, Simone strives to make the most of every opportunity to create a kinder world. For her immense efforts, PETA renamed their sanctuary in India, “Animal Rahat,” to “Simone’s Place.”

“During the worst of the pandemic, when we had lockdowns, I was introduced to the very sad and very giant problem of potbellied pigs in shelters, who are being euthanized in record numbers. A lot of them I found are already pregnant. And they're basically, breeder pigs that had been bred. People purchase them thinking that they're always going to stay really tiny and that they can carry a pig around in their purse. Obviously, that's not true, even for a potbellied pig. They typically get anywhere between 150 to 200 pounds, then they get surrendered into the shelter and often euthanized. We were able to pull a lot of those pigs out of the shelter, give them safe places to have their babies.”

With grateful praises for her compassionate and courageous activism, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Heartfully present Simone Reyes the Shining World Compassion & Courage Award with all love, appreciation, and best wishes for her noble mission. May the Heavens forever bless and protect you and your loved ones.”
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