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Shining World Award for Noble Film: The Team Who Produced “Eating Our Way To Extinction”


Let us meet the recipients of the Shining World Award for Noble Film, the team who produced the truth-telling and uplifting documentary “Eating Our Way To Extinction.” Premiered in 2021, this powerful film reveals that to keep the Paris Climate Agreement, it is an urgent and genuine necessity that the world shift from meat and dairy consumption to a plant-based diet. Co-directors Ludo and Otto Brockway (both vegans) spent four years traveling around the globe to film the shocking reality of our Earth.

With updated scientific data and frank conversations, the film exposes the harsh truth that mainstream media has always shied away from. Meanwhile, it shows us the change we can all make. “But when you look at science coming from Oxford University, where they say, in developed countries, we need a reduction of meat and dairy by 80% by around 80% in the next few years, if we are to keep below the Paris Climate Accord -- that’s a huge shift.”

The voices of Oscar-winning Kate Winslet (vegetarian) and Mexico TV host Marco Antonio Regil (vegan) walk us through, in English and Spanish respectively, the startling scenes that show how livestock farming has wreaked havoc on our Earth: global warming, biological annihilation, deforestation, ocean depletion, water and food shortages and health crises.

“The message of the film is actually a very simple one, and that’s that we essentially, as individuals, have the power ourselves to create such a huge change, positive change in the environment, simply by switching from animal-based proteins to plant-based proteins.”

Our most loving Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan): “Joyfully present the Shining World Award for Noble Film to the Team of ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction,’ with all love, high praises and best wishes for success, plus US$20,000 as a symbol of loving support, in God’s Blessing and Grace. May our world understand the urgency that you all try to convey in this documentary and wake up to save all life on Earth.”