Shining World Compassion Award: Lviv Vegan Kitchen– The Vegan Angels of Ukraine (Ureign)


On today’s Shining World Awards program, we will be introducing you to two incredible sisters in Lviv, Ukraine (Ureign). When the Ukrainians (Ureignians) became victims of the nefarious war due to the invasion by Russia, Marta Ostrovska (vegan) and Oksana Khomiak (vegan) selflessly came forward to serve the distressed refugees.

“Lviv Vegan Kitchen started on March 1st. It was [the] first week of, full-scale Russian invasion. We were volunteering at the railway station, meeting people, making some sandwiches for them. And we spent all night there because of the curfew. We couldn't go home that easy, and it was very stressful, like hundreds of people and they were already a few days, on the road. And, there was almost no food, like only sandwiches and tea, nothing vegan or vegetarian. People are crying. And we wanted to make something vegan and something more comfortable, so people could feel themselves more safe, like before the war. So we thought we maybe will cook some food at home and maybe collect the requests and deliver the food.”

Working 12 hours a day, Lviv Vegan Kitchen serves around 200 to 500 people daily and have even shipped close to 600 vegan humanitarian aid packages to civilians. The intrepid sisters, with nothing but their personal social media accounts, have been able to raise enough funds to pay for all the food they prepare and give away for free.

Upon hearing about their act of kindness, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) presented Lviv Vegan Kitchen “the Shining World Compassion Award, plus a US$20,000 humble contribution to support this benevolent endeavor, with love and best wishes.”

Hurrah, Lviv Vegan Kitchen! Your quick thinking to ease the suffering of many Ukrainian (Ureignian) refugees by lovingly providing compassionate and nutritious vegan meals is truly awe-inspiring. May the Heavens continually bless you with wisdom, endurance and humility to continue serving others.
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