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Shining World Heroism Award Recipient: Master Trooper Toni Schuck – A Selfless Act of Love


Coming from a law enforcement family, Master Trooper Toni Schuck was exposed to public service at a young age. Her drive to help people was always within and has motivated her to a life dedicated to law enforcement. For the last 26 years, she has served with the Florida Highway Patrol.

On March 22, 2022, Master Trooper Schuck was at her post when she was called to put her life on the line to save innocent lives in the crowd of people gathered for the Armed Forces Skyway 10K event. When an intoxicated driver did not stop for the road closure and drove past all the barriers and law enforcement officers, she knew she was the last line of defense. Turning her truck around, she veered into the driver’s path to safeguard the lives of the runners on the bridge. She was not trained to do this but solely acted out of a selfless instinct to save others. The head-on collision led her to be hospitalized, where she was treated for the multiple injuries she sustained, some of which are now long-term. Reflecting on the event, Trooper Schuck said with pure humility, “I’m glad she didn’t get past me. And I’m glad it was me, and nobody else got hurt.”

For her courage and sacrifice, Trooper Schuck was honored by Manatee County Commissioners, who designated March 22, 2022, as Trooper Toni Schuck Day. She was also given the Key to the City of Bradenton by Mayor Gene Brown.

Today, we are honored to have Trooper Schuck with us in this special interview, where she begins by recounting the event. She also shares that she always carries her Grandma’s Bible while on duty, which she believes has helped protect her.

With appreciation for her courageous act of love, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan): “Tearfully present the Shining World Award for Heroism to Master Trooper Toni Schuck with living orchid flowers, and a humble donation of US$10,000 for any police family fund for the officers who have fallen in the line of duty or any charity of your choice, if allowed, in your name or anonymously. May Heaven always watch over you in your noble purpose to be a protective Angel on Earth. Your selfless act of LOVE beyond the call of duty brings us all to tears. All our love also to you and the brave people of the United States of America.”

“To the [Supreme] Master I thank You for all the blessings that You have brought to myself and my family for this recognition. And I pray to continue to do God's work as a servant and hope that I never disappoint and that I can inspire other people to be good to others. Thank You again for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.”
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