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Shining World Vegan Promotion Award Recipient: Jack Norris (vegan) – Exemplar of Courageous and Selfless Activism


Today, we are thrilled to introduce Mr. Jack Norris (vegan), the noble recipient of the Shining World Vegan Promotion Award, who is the President and Executive Director of Vegan Outreach. Mr. Norris (vegan) and colleagues strive to end animal-people suffering by guiding the world’s people to adopt the benevolent vegan diet. They design well-informed, enlightening, and practical programs to help millions around the globe to embrace the compassionate vegan diet.

Their stellar program, College Outreach, covers the US, Mexico, India, and Australia, where they distribute their research-based vegan booklet to over a million students at 1,000 schools per semester. Since 2019, Vegan Outreach has re-designed the program into an online veg challenge known as 10 Weeks To Vegan. It supports signed-up individuals with satisfying vegan recipes, starter tips, and expert nutritional aids. Actively presented in 45 countries, the program attracted 250,000 people to sign up in 2020 and 460,000 in 2021. Nearly 30% stayed vegan and vegetarian.

A registered dietitian (RD) and a long-time vegan nutritionist, Mr. Norris (vegan) co-authored the important vegan handbook Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-based Diet.

“We also do Vegan Chef Challenges. We go to cities where there's not a whole lot of vegan options, and we ask restaurants to add a vegan menu for a month. And then we encourage people to go to the restaurants, take part in the vegan menus. And then after the month is over, they vote on what they liked, which entrees they liked best at the different restaurants. Usually jumps up a lot of customers for the restaurants, and they often keep the vegan entrees permanently. So, it does a lot to increase the awareness of veganism in the community and allows people who are interested to try a lot more vegan options.”

Our most loving Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan): “Gratefully present Mr. Jack Norris (vegan) the Shining World Vegan Promotion Award, with all love, best wishes, and high praises for your great dedication and enthusiasm, plus US$10,000 as a humble token of support for Vegan Outreach. May God keep you in Hiers Eternal Embrace!”