Mr. Yoon Young-Dong, a High School Principal with Vision

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean) 2007.06.29

On June 29, Golden Year 4 (2007), a Shining World Leadership Award was presented to Mr. Yoon Young-Dong, the principal of Pungsan High School, in recognition of his enlightened dedication to students and compassionate leadership in promoting vegetarianism. With honor, he became the first Korean who received the beautiful plaque from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

Pungsan High School is located in the countryside of Andong, Korea. It has become one of the best private schools in Korea mainly due to Mr. Yoon Young-Dong's vision to bring out the best in students, focusing on their inner self development and wisdom as well as the traditional scholastic pursuits. Sometimes Mr. Yoon would stay at the school until very late with students or with teachers to provide loving advice and comfort where needed. Indeed he is like a father to his students.

His commitment to introducing students to the noblest of ideals, including the virtues and benefits of a vegetarian diet, has demonstrated his vision and loving concern for the true well-being of people's bodies, minds and spirits, and even for the world. His wisdom and compassion will generate immeasurable benefits and blessings for the young elite of Korea and the society at large.

After receiving the award, Mr. Yoon humbly thanked Master Ching Hai for giving him such an award. He said he would think about what this award means, and try hard to do the work and make up for his shortfalls.

To further develop students' true nature, he is also considering changing the school meals to being fully vegetarian and teaching meditation. He believes meditation is very important and is a way for children to improve their concentration power, have greater vision for the future, and lead good lives.

Mr. Yoon said, "I think it's very important to be considerate and humble toward all the living beings that we live together with on the Earth, including animals and plants as well as humans." His understanding of the connectedness of all beings and his dedication to nurturing the new generation has set an inspirational and positive role model for others to follow.

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