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Taz - A Dog's Selfless Love

By Colorado News Group (Originally in English)

"They are so loving, so kind, so faithful. They'd die for you. They would lay down their life for you whenever danger comes. Their guardian instinct will come and they will die for you. any time, no regret!"

~ Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, USA. June 6, 2001 "Dogs Are Intelligent Beings" Video Tape #714 (Originally in English)

On July 14, Golden Year 4 (2007), Colorado initiates were very honored to have the opportunity to present the Shining World Hero Award on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai to heroic dog Taz, in recognition of his unconditional love, sacrifice and loyalty in saving his human companion's life.

The noble deed for which Taz was being recognized took place when he and Danelle were hiking in the Utah Mountains late last year. (Please refer to News #184 for the complete story.) After Danelle had been lying on the ground immobile for three days from injuries she had sustained in a 60-foot fall, her steadfast companion Taz decided to seek help. With no previous rescue training, Taz ran several miles from the remote canyon to alert rescue teams with his barking. He then guided them directly back to Danelle.

In addition to presenting Taz with the Hero Award, Taz also received two Happy Doggie outfits designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai, along with boxes of vegetarian dog food, treats and toys. Taz also received a bed and two jackets with his name beautifully embroidered in gold thread. Danelle put one of the jackets on Taz and he cheerfully walked around, 'modeling' it for everyone to see.

At the end of our time with Taz and Danelle, Taz was playing happily and chasing after his toys in the nearby mountain lake. He looked refreshed and happy. We were very glad to have the chance to present the Shining Hero Award to Taz for his loyalty, intelligence and selfless love. We wish Taz a long and happy life with his loving companion Danelle.

Letter from Danelle

Aug, 02, 2007


 I just wanted to say thank you for the very nice award for Taz and for all the great gifts. Taz is really enjoying them! It was great meeting you all and learning more about your organization. Things are well here and the new business is busy but fun. Taz likes it here also! I hope all is well with you and wish you the best. Thanks again!