Governor Aníbal Salvador Acevedo Vilá - Protecting the Health of a Nation's Young Citizens

By USA News Group (Originally in English) 2007.07.03

Since assuming office in 2005, the Governor of the Common-wealth of Puerto Rico, Aníbal Salvador Acevedo Vilá, has made many commitments to improving the lives of the Puerto Rican people. In 2006, his concern for the health risks posed by childhood obesity prompted the launch of the "Puerto Rico in Shape" campaign. This health-building campaign encourages children to adopt more active lifestyles and balanced diets. Included in the program's US$8 million budget is funding for physical trainers and nutritionists who are available in every city and town on the island. As an additional health initiative, the governor this year passed a measure for removing the unhealthy "trans fats" from food served in Puerto Rico's restaurants and other eating establishments. He said, "With healthier citizens enjoying improved quality of life, Puerto Rico moves forward."

To commend Governor Vilá for his dedicated care in restoring the health and vitality of Puerto Rico's children, Master awarded him the Shining World Leadership Award.

On August 1, Golden Year 4 (2007), in his letter of appreciation to our Association, Governor Vilá wrote, "I am deeply honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Shining World Leadership Award from the Supreme Master Ching Hai and your Award Committee... Thank you for this recognition I will always treasure and which I humbly accept in the name of the people of Puerto Rico."

Governor Vilá's loving concern and positive actions for the health and well being of his country's young people is an inspiration and a model for all.


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