Mr. Mokhtar Hasbini - A Young Eco Hero Saves Lebanon Beach

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean) 2007.02.03

A Shining World Leadership Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai was presented to a 17- year old teen, Mokhtar Hasbini, in Beirut, Lebanon on February 3, Golden Year 4 (2007), honoring his initiative in cleaning up a Lebanon beach that was seriously polluted by an oil spill. Alongside the award letter and the plaque, US$5000 was also given in order to assist the young boy to continue his noble works.

The 15,000 ton oil spill, due to a recent war, was the biggest environmental crisis in the history of the Mediterranean Sea. Mokhtar Hasbini came to the beach on the first day it happened and began cleaning up while bombing went on. He not only cleaned the beach but took pictures and spread them to the mass-media so that the public could be aware of the seriousness of the pollution. Within weeks, the volunteers' example was responded to by a massive government clean-up effort. He is truly a shining example for all, especially for young people.

Upon receiving the award, Mokhtar Hasbini expressed his deep appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai and hoped other young people could be also very active in improving the world to be more positive.

Later, on February 11, Mokhtar wrote an e-mail to Master, saying: "It is an honor to be recognized for my hard work, and receiving this gift motivates me to continue to strive for excellence.... Your generosity has made a profound impact on my life and I am truly grateful to be the recipient of your reward. Receiving the "Shining World Leadership Award" is of tremendous benefit to me...."

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