Recognition of a Smoke-free Uruguay

By Argentina News Group (Originally in Spanish) 2008.03.27

On March 1, Golden Year 3 (2006), Uruguay joined the list of other nations that have passed laws banning smoking in public areas and workplaces. For this enlightened initiative to protect the health of its citizens from tobacco smoke, Supreme Master Ching Hai bestowed the Shining World Leadership Award on the Uruguayan government.

The presentation ceremony occurred in Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 27, Golden Year 5, and the event was attended by the country's General Director of Health, Dr. Jorge Basso, and Director of the National Program for Tobacco Control, Dr. Winston Abascal. Association members presented the Award to the Minister of Health, Dr. María Julia Muñoz, along with several gifts, including Master's latest publications.

The audience was also shown the SOS video on the critical state of our planet due to global warming. After watching the video, Dr. Muñoz showed a positive outlook by saying that the World Health Organization has set April 7 as the day on which all countries will come together to address climate change. May God enlighten and bless the Uruguayan people with peace, happiness and wellbeing, and let us pray that their noble example is followed by more and more conscious, caring leaders of other nations.

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