Jakarta's Governor Acts to Protect the Health of the People

By Jakarta News Group (Originally in Indonesian) 2007.04.24

On April 24, Golden Year 4 (2007), representatives of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Mr. Sutiyoso, Governor of the Special Capital Territory of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta). This award was given in appreciation to the governor for improving the quality of life of the people in Jakarta, especially by declaring a prohibition on smoking in most office and public areas so that non-smokers in Jakarta could enjoy clean air, free from cigarette smoke.

This event was attended by the governor, municipal government staff, legislative members and representatives from environmental and anti-smoking non-government organizations (NGOs). Association members introduced the Shining World Leadership Award and read aloud the Indonesian translation of the award letter from Supreme Master Ching Hai to the governor.

After receiving the award, the governor said that it's his responsibility to do his best to improve the quality of life of people. He said that after he stopped smoking 12 years ago, his health became better. Then, he realized that he had to do something to protect non-smokers and improve the air quality in Jakarta. He expressed his gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai and his honor in receiving the award, saying that it would be a reminder for him to always give his full efforts and continue doing the best for the people.

The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, April 26, 2007 (Originally in English)

The Jakarta Post reports on the award received by Governor Sutiyoso from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. Describing Jakarta as the first Indonesian city to issue an ordinance controlling air pollution and to introduce a ban on smoking in public places, it quotes the governor as saying, "I take the award as moral support for us to keep improving the quality of our environment."

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