Dr. Janez Drnovšek, President of the Republic of Slovenia

Compiled from Supreme Master Television, Episode 270 2007.05.31

In our world today, we are blessed to have a leader who is a beacon of enlightened consciousness, a most noble and exemplary head of state: the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek. Prior to becoming president, in 1991, he peacefully and successfully negotiated the final withdrawal of the Yugoslav Federal Army to maintain the freedom and sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia. Dr. Drnovšek received the highest state decoration, the Golden Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia for this great effort.

President Drnovšek is a committed vegan, who clearly expresses his conviction that animals have the same right to live and enjoyment of life as we humans do. He is ever concerned for the well-being of the citizens in Slovenia. He is also the initiator of the project "Fruits of Society" of which the purpose is to stimulate voluntary service activities and intergenerational cooperation. But more than that, his extraordinary kindness extends to other parts of the world. In Golden Year 3 (2006), he launched "The World for Darfur" initiative, to provide aid to those affected by this conflict, and to bring about greater global awareness to encourage a peaceful solution.

He is a published author, with a best-selling book "Thoughts on Life and Consciousness," which focuses on humans, the search for inner equilibrium, inner peace, and gaining awareness of one's own Self and the world. An excerpt from the book reads, "As you accept what is good you in turn give good to others, following the inner voice that will keep you in step with universal laws. You won't have a guilty conscience, you won't be unhappy. You won't be acting against creation or against yourself. You will just be a drop in the ocean of universal consciousness."

More recently, he has written "Golden Thoughts and The Essence of the World." Dr. Drnovšek believes that true positive change can come about through a higher consciousness in most of the people of the world. In Golden Year 3 (2006), he founded the Movement for Justice and Development to "raise human consciousness and make the world a better place."

To honor President Janez Drnovšek's outstanding effort and enlightened leadership, on May 31, Golden Year 4 (2007), Supreme Master Ching Hai personally presented him with the Shining World Leadership Award at the Presidential Palace in Slovenia. Supreme Master Ching Hai praised his noble example through the promotion of vegetarianism, animal rights, and humanitarianism; as well as his forward-thinking model to look beyond economic interests and to solve issues in our world with compassion. Indeed, the meeting of Supreme Master Ching Hai and President Drnovšek is an occasion of great rejoicing, a sign that our planet is moving to higher consciousness. This cordial reception of Supreme Master Ching Hai by President Drnovšek was reported in the media as well as on the President's official website.

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