Mr. Girolamo Sirchia - A Courageous Implementation of the Anti-Smoking Law Has Improved Public Healt

By United Kingdom News Group (Originally in English) 2006.12

Former Italian Health Minister Girolamo Sirchia of Italy was awarded the 'Shining World Leadership' by Supreme Master Ching Hai for his courageous and successful implementation of the anti-smoking law across Italy.

The law, designed to protect public health, was welcomed by the vast majority of Italians. (83% before the introduction of the law, increased to 90% after). Since its coming into force in January 2005, tobacco consumption in the country evidently dropped, and half a million people quit smoking within ten months.

On receiving the award, Mr. Sirchia, in a letter dated March 6, Golden Year 4 (2007), expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgement of the efforts made to enforce the law and the positive effects it brought, and complimented Master's work for humanity.

The article published in Metro, a free Roman newspaper, says: Only a year and a half ago, bars and restaurants were filled with smoke clouds from cigarettes. Today, after the smoking ban in public places, the result is positive and many smokers have given up cigarettes.