Roary - Rescue in a Flash

By Melbourne News Group, Australia (Originally in English)

Roary, a 10-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier from Lockwood in Victoria, Australia rescued his little friend, Ebony, and her father, Tim, from a deadly snake attack in February this year. While three-year-old animal lover Ebony was feeding her guinea pigs, she stepped into the path of an Australian brown snake returning to its home. Snakes generally keep out of the way of humans, but because Ebony was between the snake and its home, the snake reared up to strike. 

Tim, who saw what was about to happen, jumped to her rescue, but it was Roary who was there in a flash to save both his family members, putting his own life in jeopardy as the venomous snake bit him three times. The family counted their blessings for having this courageous companion who saved their little girl!

Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Roary with a Shining World Hero Award, presented  on May 8, Golden Year 5 (2008) by Association members from Melbourne. Roary was given two beautiful winter coats inscribed with his name and his hero status, a cozy dog bed, a 30-kg bag of vegan dog food and special chlorophyll biscuits, which are good for the teeth. The family was delighted to accept Master's latest books, DVDs and CDs. A photographer from Bendigo Advertiser, the local newspaper, was also present to take photos.

Later, the family informed our Melbourne Association members that Roary just loves to snuggle into his doggie bed. We are thankful for Roary's lifesaving heroic actions and that he was able to overcome the snake bites and carry on his life with his loved ones.