Highest Honor for Supporting the Noble Diet - Ms. Liu Bi-shia

By Formosa News Group (Originally in Chinese) 2008.08.29

On August 29, on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, members of the Changhua Center presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Ms. Liu Bi-shia, chairperson of the Mediation Committee of Xianxi Township, Changhua County, commending her outstanding example as a compassionate vegetarian and her endeavors in advocating a sustainable plant-based diet, thus bringing hope for a bright future. Amiable and humble, Ms. Liu was modest about her efforts and expressed surprise to receive this Award that to her represents the highest honor. However, in accepting the Award on behalf of the many local inhabitants who wish to perform good deeds and contribute to society behind the scenes, she acknowledged that this was valuable and meaningful.   

Ms. Liu is a delegate to the Xianxi Township Assembly. She works to improve the lives of the people and mediates disputes. Her enthusiasm about public-benefit projects can be seen in her efforts as head of the Women’s Fire Prevention Publicity Squad organized by the Xianxi Fire Station. Having benefited from her vegetarian diet, she often shares the positive aspects of a plant-based diet with others. She is a very noble soul.