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Angel - The Guardian Angel in Real Life

By Florida News Group, USA (Originally in English)

Dogs of all types have always had a special bond with people and have shown loyalty and courage, sometimes beyond our imagination, to protect the lives of their human companions. Angel, a nine-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, was a good example of these noble qualities when she rescued Andre Brown’s nine-year-old daughter.

One day when Angel and the girl were taking a walk around their neighborhood in Miami, Florida, a man suddenly appeared from nowhere and attempted to kidnap the girl. Despite her small size, Angel was determined to protect her friend, started barking loudly and then fearlessly nipped at the man, allowing the girl to escape unharmed.

Upon learning about the heroic and courageous act of this tiny Jack Russell Terrier, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored her with the Shining World Hero Award. The presentation took place in Hollywood, Florida on June 7, Golden Year 5 (2008). Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Angel’s caregivers, received the crystalline plaque, a custom-tailored yellow doggie jacket, a sleeping cushion and bags of vegan dog food on behalf of Angel. In addition, many of Master’s recent publications were given to this kind couple. Mr. Brown thanked Master and the Association for the Award and other gifts to Angel. He was also deeply grateful for the opportunity to be in God’s grace and blessing, which in his own words is “essential to everyone in his/her daily life.”

The ceremony ended with a delicious vegetarian feast provided by members of the Association for everyone to enjoy. The Brown family was very impressed by the variety and the tastiness of the food. They inquired about the recipes and where to find the ingredients. It was a wonderful chance to bring Master’s love and blessing to this family and their devoted canine companion.