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Ms. Debbie Herot - Compassion Brings a Second Chance on Life

By LA News Group, USA (Originally in English)

On November 1, Golden Year 5 (2008), Ms. Debbie Herot, manager of Pet Medical Center Chatoak in Granada Hills, California, USA was honored with a Shining World Compassion Award by Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving efforts to nurse the dog Kaiser back to health. Kaiser was found very ill on the doorstep of the hospital with a bowl of water, a blanket, a cross with the words “Pappa Loves Kaiser” etched on it, and a letter in an envelope from his human companion of 16 years, Mr. Bob Mikolasko.

The letter read: “Please help him. His name is Kaiser and he won’t harm anyone. He’s 16 years old and I think he experienced a stroke this past evening. Be good to him as you would your own child for he’s been mine for a loving lifetime. Dear Doctors, please forgive me for this horrible transgression. I have nowhere to turn, so I ask you to mercifully, gently and lovingly, please help him sleep. He’s been my friend, my teacher, my pupil, my lifelong loving and loyal companion since he was eight months old. Saturday evening, he began rolling on his back on the floor, all four legs extended, rigid, and thrusting wildly in all directions. I saw fear and panic in his eyes. He won’t drink water and he refuses food as if he’s totally lost the knowledge of what to do with it. I’m a homeless, disabled veteran and I know when to say goodbye to a friend, and it’s time.”

Moved by the love of his human soul mate, Debbie Herot and her team decided to do what they could to heal Kaiser. They were successful in nursing him back to health, and then contacted the press in hopes of finding his human companion. When Kaiser’s story was published on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News, a friend of Bob’s read the article and told him that his dog was still alive. Astonished, Bob went to Pet Medical Center Chatoak, where he experienced an emotional reunion with his best friend.

In acknowledgement of her compassionate efforts, Debbie was awarded a $2,000 check for the pet hospital, along with a beautiful crystal plaque and a letter of heartfelt appreciation from Supreme Master Ching Hai. Humbly acknowledging her joy and the help of others, Debbie stated, “I have never experienced anything like this in all my years in the veterinary world. There are so many amazing and generous people coming out of the woodwork to be a part of this. I am so happy for Bob and Kaiser.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai further blessed Bob and Kaiser with a loving contribution of US$1,000, a warm sleeping bag, a comfortable dog bed and vegan treats. Bob thanked Master for the gifts and Her caring thoughts. In a letter written later to Master, Bob wrote to report that Kaiser had sadly passed away from cancer. However, he expressed gratefully, “Kaiser and I wish to personally say thanks for your gifts, love and humanity. From reading Your thoughts and words in The Noble Wilds, I have no doubt that Kaiser would have granted You his friendship and love, as do I. Your gifts allowed Kaiser and I to enjoy beyond our normal means his final two weeks together.”