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Mr. Bob Linden - A Vegan Hero

By USA News Group (Originally in English)

Bob Linden is a unique and charismatic animal rights activist, deeply committed to telling the world that the root cause of all of the world’s ills--global warming, war, public health crisis and economic crisis--are all due to abusing and killing animals for food. For the past eight years, Mr. Linden has been tirelessly self-producing a program entitled “Go Vegan with Bob Linden,” the first of its kind on commercial radio in the US, broadcasting in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and now in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past eight years, he has spent all of his time and money on producing the nearly 400 shows on the topic, even to the point of giving up his housing so he could better afford to produce the shows. Because of his deep dedication to protecting and speaking on behalf of the animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai conferred on Mr. Linden the Shining World Hero Award.

Besides speaking about the importance of a vegan diet on his weekly radio show, Mr. Linden also organizes fairs and festivals for the animals, speaks with megaphones in front of stores that sell fur, and attends countless animal-rights rallies to lend his voice on behalf of the animals. He insists that just being vegetarian is not enough because some of the worst torture and cruelty is perpetrated on dairy cows, horses and other animals for their byproducts. BE VEGAN and GO GREEN are the central themes of his life.

Mr. Linden has a deep affinity with Master. He has been a friend to the Association for quite some time, having appeared first on Supreme Master Television show “Vegetarian Elite.” His radio program has been sponsored by the Vegetarian House restaurant in San Jose, California for several years. He has also invited Master on his show in early 2008. When he attended the SOS International Climate Change Seminar in Hollywood, he was overjoyed to see Master and hundreds of other people who shared the same passion.

Since Mr. Linden’s Shining World Hero engraved plaque arrived just before the launch of Master’s new book, Celestial Art, our fellow initiates invited Mr. Linden as a distinguished guest to the gala exhibition and performance event of the book launch. After enjoying the grand display of the exquisite artworks that Master has created over the past 20 years, he was presented with his Award. He was moved to tears by the amazing art, the glorious new book, and most especially – with the Award from Master and the heartfelt letter that She wrote to him.

Mr. Linden said, “This is a great honor for me. I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for this recognition of love for animals that’s apparently so important to You, Supreme Master, as it is to me. And I would like to share this Award in spirit with everyone who has gone vegan to save the animals and the planet, and especially with everyone who promotes it, who wholeheartedly gets involved to try to convince people.” He also conveyed his deep admiration for the creativity and message of love Master puts into Her artwork, poetry and music. He said, “It was enlightening to read Supreme Master Ching Hai’s observations on art and the artist - from the childlike creative process She recognizes in Herself and that the purpose of Her artistic talents is to serve other sentient beings… It’s fascinating - as is Her art in the book, whether it be painting, jewelry or fashion design. Her art is full of life - joyful and cheerful, vibrantly colorful.”

We salute you, Mr. Linden, for being such a dedicated spokesperson for animals. May God’s blessing be with you constantly so that the world will soon - Go Vegan with Bob Linden!
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