A Call for Media and Government Leadership to Save Our Planet - Ms. Louise Kings and Mr. Mike the Sandman

By Award News Group (Originally in English)

On November 30, Golden Year 5 (2008), representatives of Supreme Master Ching Hai presented Shining World Compassion Awards to Ms. Louise Kings and Mr. Mike the Sandman, hosts of East Coast FM Radio in Ireland, in recognition of their outstanding service to humanity for the promotion of the vegetarian diet.

Ms. Kings became a vegetarian seven months ago. Prior to that, when her dog was diagnosed with cancer, she did some research on the internet and put him on a vegetarian diet. As a result, the cancer stopped spreading and her dog lived for two more years. Ms. Kings’ decision to become a vegetarian was further motivated by the Alternative Living flyer designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai that she received at an exhibition in Dublin. Her doctor was astonished at the rate of her recovery from health problems that she had been experiencing.

Since then, Ms. Kings has been sharing her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge about her peace-loving lifestyle with her listeners. During a recent interview aired on the popular East Coast FM Radio, Ms. Kings and Supreme Master Ching Hai had an extensive discussion about the detrimental impacts of meat consumption on both human and planetary health and the benefits of a vegetarian diet based on scientific research and current statistics. In response to Ms. Kings’ question on raising awareness of the urgent issue of climate change, Master emphasized the effective role of the media and the government in initiating change for larger populations:

“The best solution for our urgent situation right now is a vegetarian diet and it should be openly endorsed and even made into law if possible to protect people, animals and our planet, the only one that we have,” Master said. “And above all, if the government makes it a policy to inform the public and to endorse the vegetarian diet openly, it becomes like a trend to change the bad habit of meat eating and encourage the new good tradition of vegetarian diet.”

Ms. Kings expressed her appreciation to Master for sharing Her wisdom and compassion. She further added that she and her co-host, Mike the Sandman, were both humbled and honored to receive the Shining World Compassion Award. Mike has become a vegan, and feels healthier and more energetic. He commented that after watching Supreme Master Television and hearing the detailed answers Master gave on climate change during the radio interview, he could no longer go down the meat aisle in the supermarket. Mike dedicated another show on East Coast Radio to share his story and feelings about going vegan.

We appreciate the shared concern and efforts of Ms. Kings, Mike and East Coast FM Radio to alert the public to the dire reality of and solution to climate change. We pray that governments and media worldwide will rise to this call and set a trend for millions more citizens to be healthier and happier in a more sustainable, safer new world with the plant-based diet.

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