A Model Pioneer of Health and Fitness in Iran - Dr. Gholamali Beski

By Iran News Group (Originally in Persian) 2008.11.10

On November 10, Golden Year 5 (2008) representatives of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association presented the Shining World Hero Award to Dr. Gholamali Beski of Iran in recognition of his devoted service to promoting vegetarianism and courageous efforts shedding light on the causes of global warming and sickness in his country.

Thirty years ago, after trying in vain for many years to cure his own multiple illnesses, Dr. Beski turned to a raw vegetarian diet and became a model of health and fitness. He has come to the conclusion that health is a blessing from Allah, and that our wellbeing is not dependent on medicine or drugs, but rather on a holistic way of life. In an interview with Supreme Master Television, he said, “Diseases are a symptom of our disrespectful behavior towards nature, as our diet is out of harmony with what God has decreed upon us.”

Over the years, Dr. Beski has committed himself to promoting a healthy way of living and environmental protection. He has been urging ministers and VIPs to take action to prevent deforestation. The media have published and broadcasted his speeches. And now, as a renowned Iranian physician and vegetarian, he travels to different cities in the country to lecture on environmental issues, climate change, and the benefits of a vegetarian diet to raise public awareness.

In expressing his appreciation to Master for all that She has done for humanity, he said, “I kneel down before the magnitude of Her loving care and work. After lecturing and researching in this field for 70 years, I am so grateful to have found a great being like Her. I sincerely hope that Supreme Master Ching Hai will accept our invitation and honor our country with Her presence.”

We thank Dr. Beski for compassionately advocating the plant-based diet as an ethical path towards a sustainable future. May Allah continue to bless him for his selfless work in caring for the Earth, our home.