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Boy Honored for Saving Father in Emergency - Jason Noorthoek Jr.

By Michigan News Group, USA (Originally in English)

On February 14, Golden Year 6 (2009), initiates from the Michigan Center were privileged to meet 12-year old Jason Noorthoek Jr. and present to him, on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Shining World Hero Award in recognition of his courageous rescue of his injured father from under their family car.

On an October evening last year, Jason’s father was underneath his car trying to replace a fuel filter and gas tank. In his haste to complete the task, he had not properly secured the front wheels and the car rolled off the forklift that was supporting it, hitting his head and trapping him underneath. Unable to reach him on his cell phone, Jason went outside and found his father trapped and having trouble breathing.

ason calmed his distraught sister and mother, and had them call emergency services. Meanwhile, he overcame his fears in operating the forklift, a machine he had used only once before, and succeeded in lifting the car off his dad’s body on his second attempt. His courageous action may well have saved his father’s life, said Mike Rexford, the fire chief for Kent City/Tyrone Township, who arrived shortly after he received the call and found Jason Sr. in a semi-conscious state and having breathing difficulties.

For his heroic deed, Jason received an Award plaque, a framed letter signed by Master, a yellow jacket bearing the appropriate word “Hero,” as well as various other gifts and Master’s publications. He had already received a check for $2,000 from Master in December so that he could spend it on Christmas presents.

Jason was modest about his heroic accomplishment, but when his father demonstrated for us how difficult it is to operate the forklift, this truly brought home what a clever, clear-thinking, courageous hero Jason is.