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The “Miracle” Dog Skipper

By North Carolina News Group, USA (Originally in English)

A brave and intelligent Peekapoo puppy named Skipper was honored by Supreme Master Ching Hai for saving his human companion’s life from a fire.

Last May 10, when Ms. Johnson was taking a nap, a fire broke out in her home. Seeing smoke from outdoors, neighbors screamed and banged on the front door to get Ms. Johnson’s attention, but it was to no avail. At this dangerous moment, Skipper got on top of her and started licking and scratching her. He finally woke her up. By that time, the house had filled with black smoke and she could hear the sound of glass breaking. Ms. Johnson couldn’t see. She held Skipper in her hand and felt her way down the hall. The house was destroyed, but both of them were saved.

In recognition of Skipper’s life-saving action as well as demonstration of unconditional love, representatives of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association from Charlotte held an Award ceremony at the Goldsboro Fire Department on October 19, Golden Year 5 (2008). Skipper was presented with a Shining World Hero Award plaque and gifts, which included two Skipper Hero jackets, a dog bed, a framed letter from Master, vegetarian dog food, veggie bones and US$100 for doggie snacks. A clock was also presented to former Fire Chief Alvin Ward of the Goldsboro Fire Department.

Ms. Johnson said that she was immediately drawn to Skipper’s personality when she got him a year ago. “He loves people. He loves children,” she said. And since she brought him home, he has always been very attentive to her as well. Ms. Johnson now calls Skipper her “miracle” dog and said he was just God-sent.