Norwegian Member of Parliament, Ms. Inga Marte Thorkildsen - Leading the Way in the Norwegian Parliament

By Oslo News Group (Originally in Norwegian) 2009.12.15

Over the past decade, Norwegian Member of Parliament Ms. Inga Marte Thorkildsen has demonstrated compassion and wisdom in urging the public to take actions to halt climate change. For her outstanding efforts in leading the people to a brighter future, she received the Shining World Leadership Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai, presented by Association members on December 15, Golden Year 5 (2008).

As a member of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment, Ms. Thorkildsen has handled matters related to oil, energy, water, and the protection of the environment since 2001. It is from here that she has become an invaluable voice, exposing the adverse effects of meat consumption on climate change, encouraging people to take immediate action themselves and lead the way to a better future. Ms. Thorkildsen openly supports the need for the adoption of a plant-based diet stating:

“It is important to make people aware that their meat consumption is a significant contributor not only to climate change, but also to the food crisis in the world. So we have to confront consumers, dare to make some tough decisions as politicians, and challenge the international organizations. I think we have to decide from the top that our animal industry must produce less meat.”

Ms. Thorkildsen is helping to implement policies in Norway to make it one of the leaders in positive action in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. She works tirelessly to better the lives of her constituents and strives to bring equality in the world, in developing countries, for those without food and for women in politics. In her position on the Standing Committee on Justice from 2001 to 2005, she brought the protection of women and children’s issues to the top of the political agenda.

Upon receiving the Shining World Leadership Award, Ms. Thorkildsen said in gratitude:

I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai; it’s such an incredible gift and recognition to receive. I feel that I haven’t really done much. But I think this is so wonderful and great, and it will also support the efforts being made, so we can get a more equal and sustainable development in the world. I will do my part to provide information and knowledge to people, so together we all can contribute to achieving a better result. This really inspires me to continue working, thank you.”

We thank Ms. Thorkildsen for helping to create a better world with a plant-based diet. We pray that more people awaken to the need to make this vital change in their lives for the wellbeing of our planet.

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