Zambian Minister of Local Government and Housing, Ms. Sylvia Masebo

By Korea News Group (Original in English) 2009.05.19

In May, Golden Year 5 (2008), the Zambian government banned smoking in public places and offenders will face a maximum jail term of two years or a maximum fine of K400,000 (US$121). Minister of Local Government and Housing, Ms. Sylvia Masebo issued this statement to the press, “I have been compelled to issue the statutory instruction due to the continued smoking in public places by persons that have no regard for the comfort of others, and it’s important to prohibit smoking in public places because of the hazardous effects it has on non-smokers who are forced to be passive smokers. The public needed to ensure that the ‘Make Zambia Clean’ program has a wider concept that not only emanates from the government but also starts with personal hygiene of individuals and that included stopping smoking in public places.”

For her loving, wise and bold action, representatives of the Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Ms. Masebo on May 19, 2009, in the Parliament buildings which was later featured on local television MUVI TV and also in The Post newspaper. Upon receiving the beautiful crystal plaque, Ms. Masebo graciously said, “Thank you very much for this very noble Award. I am very humbled on behalf of the Zambian government and people of Zambia. Also I feel humbled to realize that some of the policies of the Zambian government have actually had a positive impact not only on the people of Zambia but the world over. I will pass it on to the government and indeed the people of Zambia. Once you stop people from smoking in public places, there will be much healthier people. Those who don’t smoke will be protected.”

Other countries in Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have also imposed the ban. We thank Ms. Masebo for her courage, love, wisdom and noble leadership in helping to create a healthier world that is a better place for everyone to live.

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