China - Loving Mother Dog Saves a Human Baby

By Argentina News Group (Originally in Spanish) 2008.12.12

On December 12, Golden Year 5 (2008), in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dog named “China” was honored with the Shining World Hero Award by Supreme Master Ching Hai, for her brave maternal love. On a frigid night last winter China found an abandoned baby girl in a field and carried her back to the pen that held her own newborn pups. Together with her pups China kept the baby warm through the night until her human caretaker heard the cries of the infant and took her to the local hospital for medical attention. The baby was aptly named “Esperanza,” meaning hope, at the hospital.

An Association member presented the beautiful Shining World Hero Award plaque to China along with Master’s books and other gifts for her caretaker, all of which were gracefully received. China was also blessed with vegetarian food treats, Happy Doggie clothes and a new bed. Love shone from China’s eyes, as she listened to our representative reading the letter from Supreme Master Ching Hai. China’s action of love emanates the nobility of the beings portrayed in Master’s books The Birds in My Life and The Dogs in My Life. May China’s magnanimous heart inspire us to embrace all other co-inhabitants of this Earth.