Mr. Kim Choon Sup - School Principal Leads the Way in Vegetarianism

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean) 2009.03.03

Kim Choon Sup is principal of the Dongsung Academy, in Hanam City, South Korea, a small school with a big heart that teaches priceless knowledge about growing fruits and vegetables, giving students practical sustainability skills. The Academy also offers elevated nourishment to pupils in the form of vegetarian meals with vegetables they grow themselves. Testaments to the school’s incredible success are its students, who are physically strong and rarely sick, with many people commending them for their bright, polite, and harmonious community life.

Mr. Kim weeds, waters the gardens, mows the lawn, and does other chores at the Academy, setting an excellent example for students to follow. Though the school only has an enrollment of about 90 pupils, all of them study, eat, work, pray, and live together in a harmonious, communal environment.

For his enlightened leadership, on March 3, Golden Year 6 (2009), Supreme Master Ching Hai granted Kim Choon Sup the Shining World Leadership Award, presented on Her behalf by Korean Association members in a ceremony at the Academy. All the school’s students and teachers proudly attended the event and shared in Mr. Kim’s joy as he thanked Supreme Master Ching Hai, saying, “We will develop ourselves more in order to contribute to our surroundings and the health of others. I hope that you students become people who can contribute to our neighbors throughout the world.”

We thank Kim Choon Sup for inspiring others by promoting vegetarianism, higher learning, and a brighter future for all.

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