Mr. Edvin Sugarev - A Steady and Charismatic Voice for Vegetarianism

By Award News Group (Originally in English) 2008.11.17

As a founding member of the Bulgarian democratic “Ecoglasnost” National Movement, longtime Parliament Member, former Ambassador to India and Mongolia, newspaper editor, and poet, Mr. Edvin Sugarev has been a steady and charismatic voice leading change towards a new, more humane world. Being a vegetarian, he supports that kind of diet as a morally preferred lifestyle.

He believes that beyond the meat industry is a deeper question to be addressed. He said during an interview with Supreme Master Television, “… the problem is mental, in a human’s way of thinking, and that’s what should be changed. For me, the most important is a person’s moral choice: Do they want to be an enemy of all living things on this planet, do they want to conquer everything so as to become a ruler, or do they want to live in harmony with this world respecting all other forms of life?”

In recognition of his outstanding, courageous efforts shedding light on the many advantages of the plant-based diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mr. Edvin Sugarev with the Shining World Leadership Award, which our Association members presented to him on November 17, Golden Year 5 (2008).

We thank Mr. Sugarev wholeheartedly for his loving concern and compassionate advocacy of the vegetarian diet. May more government leaders and citizens alike awaken to the planet-supporting benefits of this kinder way of life.

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