Mr. Charles Njonjo - Calling to Ban Ivory and Fur Trading

By Award News Group (Originally in English) 2009.03.05

As the former Attorney General of Kenya and 2008 Gusi Peace Prize laureate for philanthropy, Mr. Charles Njonjo, Chairman of the Heritage Insurance Company Limited, Kenya, has added considerable weight for the call to ban ivory trade, fur trade or anything that would involve harming animals. At the 2008 Gusi Peace Prize ceremony, he said, “You must not export ivory. Ivory belongs to the elephant. It’s more beautiful when it’s on the elephant. Fur trade, ivory trade, anything to do with animals should be banned.”

To recognize his exceptional animal protection efforts, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mr. Njonjo with the Shining World Leadership Award in March Golden Year 6 (2009).

We thank you, Mr. Njonjo, for your compassionate leadership, defending the lives of these innocent beings through your exemplary noble idealism and heartfelt care. God bless you for all you’ve done and for your constructive contribution to humanity.

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