The Guardian of Tanayiku: Pastor Kao Cheng-sheng

By Taichung News Group, Formosa (Originally in Chinese) 2009.12.29

Situated in the southern region of Formosa, Tanayiku was originally an eco-conservation area for the Tsou aboriginal tribe. However, due to excessive development and hunting activities, the rich and abundant Tanayiku was completely destroyed, leaving behind only a dead creek. Under the leadership and advocating efforts of Pastor Kap Cheng-sheng and  the Tsou aboriginal tribe together they restored this land to its original glory as a holy place of peace and serenity where no living beings are harmed and all living forms are respected. Now, the Tanayiku Nature and Ecology Park has become a paragon of successful conservation. Numerous tourists have come to appreciate the beautiful re-emergence of new life as well as the tranquil and spiritual ambience.

Commending Pastor Kao Cheng-sheng’s outstanding conservation work for the beautiful Tanayiku, which encourages people of the world to establish a harmonious relation with nature, our Association members went to Tanayiku on December 29, Golden Year 6 (2009), to present the Shinning World Protection Award to him on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, and to thank him for his contribution to eco-conservation.

Pastor Kao said, during the interview with Supreme Master Television, that he had attended the “Protect Our Home with LOVE” climate change seminar, and saw the touching scene of Master shedding tears, begging the world to wake up and stop hurting the Earth. He said, “I am grateful to the Supreme Master for Her efforts over the years. God has seen Your efforts. I also am sending You my best wishes. I want to tell the whole world that they must love the nature created by God and stop harming it. Harming nature is harming ourselves. So, Supreme Master, here I accept Your Award and I will try harder to advocate the message to convince more people to become vegetarian, because vegetarian is the best diet. To live a healthy and happy life, we have to be vegetarian. All the audience worldwide, we have to become vegetarians and protect the environment. Only then can we save the planet that we are living on.”