Ms. Khan-e Forough-e Mohabbat - The Light of Kindness in Iran

By Iran News Group (Originally in Persian) 2009.08.06

Ms. Ghazaleh Lotfi has always had a dream to have many children and a big family. Five years ago, she was inspired to open Khan-e Forough-e Mohabbat (Light of Kindness House), a loving home for children in need in Mashhad, Iran. There, a group of dedicated individuals provide a nurturing and caring environment for children who have lost their parents to death, addiction or poverty.

At the Forough-e Mohabbat homes, special attention is paid to the individual resident children’s emotional, physical and educational needs in addition to their personal interests and talents. Apart from science, mathematics and other subjects typically included in a standard school curriculum, the children are taught music, art, yoga, religious values and traditional Iranian culture. They also study the Qur’an. The goal of the organization is to bring out the best in each child and to provide them with a genuine family atmosphere so that they can grow up in a healthy setting and eventually contribute constructively to society.

For their dedicated, selfless endeavors, Ms. Lotfi and Dr. Ramin Zafari, founders and executive directors of Forough-e Mohabbat Charity Institute, received the Shining World Compassion Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai. The Award ceremony took place on August 6, Golden Year 6 (2009) in Tehran, accompanied by a music concert given by the children of Khan-e Forough-e Mohabbat. Our Association members presented the crystal plaque, framed letter and US$10,000 contribution from Master as well as a selection of Her books, DVDs and CDs, to which both Ms. Lotfi and Dr. Zafari expressed their heartfelt appreciation.

On behalf of the entire loving Forough-e Mohabbat family, young Hoda expressed a message of affection and gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai. “Because of your beautiful spirit and loving attention, you have made our spiritual Mum and Dad so happy; we are grateful to you. My brothers and sisters and I are so overjoyed that God has given us a benevolent friend from the other side of the world who loves us and values us; and we thank God for this . . . .” Supreme Master Ching Hai sent a beautiful reply to Hoda and all the residents at Khan-e Forough-e Mohabbat. “You are not empty-handed. Your hands and hearts are full of love and readiness for the service of others in the very near future. I love you all and Heaven loves you. ♥♥

We thank the dedicated staff of the Forough-e Mohabbat Charity Institute in Mashhad, Iran, who selflessly strive to improve the lives of children in need much love and attention. May Allah bless all children with caring homes and all the nurturing experiences they require to lead the world effectively to future peace and harmony.

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