Mr. Faron Hall - The Red River Guardian Angel

By Toronto News Group, Canada (Originally in English) 2009.12.16

Mr. Faron Hall, formerly homeless and dependent on alcohol while living in Winnipeg, the capital city of the province of Manitoba, Canada, has made great changes in his life. He now has housing and has completed a program to free himself of addictions. This brilliant transition began around the time that he risked his life twice to save others in separate events of distress.

In May 2009, three teenagers were having fun on the Provencher Bridge’s sidewalk as they were going toward the bridge. One of them, Joey Mousseau, pole-vaulted over a railing onto what he thought was the pedestrian bridge, but instead of landing on concrete, he fell into the water far below. At that time, Faron Hall and his friend Wayne Spence were sitting under the bridge when they saw Joey take the plunge into the icy river. Without hesitation, Mr. Hall leapt into the frigid, fast-moving Red River, swimming at an angle against the current to reach the boy, who was unable to swim due to back injuries from the fall and was being quickly carried downstream by the rapids. Upon reaching Joey some 30 meters from the riverbank, Mr. Hall had to prevent the panicked teen from pushing them both underwater. He managed to coax Joey into turning onto his back and was then able to bring him safely to shore. The two of them were pulled out of the water by Wayne Spence just before complete exhaustion overwhelmed Mr. Hall.

Not long after that, in September 2009 when Mr. Hall was with three friends at the riverbank area near Norwood Bridge, one of his friends, Tara Lynn Beardy, fell into the water. Another friend, Chris Harper, immediately jumped in to try to help her, but both were struggling to stay afloat as neither knew how to swim. Again, without a second thought to his own safety, Mr. Hall leapt into the river where he grabbed both Tara and Chris. But the current was too strong, so he could only save one at a time. After pulling Tara back to shore, he quickly returned for Chris. Despite the freezing waters and his exhaustion, Mr. Hall repeatedly dove underwater in search of his friend. Tragically, Chris succumbed to the fast-flowing river. However, Tara Lynn Beardy’s life was saved, thanks to Mr. Hall and his selfless bravery.

Reports of Mr. Hall’s actions were replayed on national TV and radio newscasts and appeared in newspapers across the country. His story touched the nation’s heart, with accolades and support coming from all corners. The Faron Hall National Fund for the Homeless was created in his name through the Winnipeg Foundation. The once-destitute Hall has now become a source of hope and inspiration to others. Many call him a hero, the Guardian Angel of the Red River. But he has never sought recognition for what he considers just a natural act of helping out another person. He humbly attributed his timely valiant actions as Heaven’s way of giving him a fresh start in life.

In recognition of his courageous efforts, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mr. Faron Hall with the Shining World Hero Award. Numerous media were in attendance at the Award ceremony on December 16, Golden Year 6 (2009). A framed letter of commendation and a crystal plaque were presented to Mr. Hall by our Association members. In addition, he was gifted with Master’s #1 international best-selling books and various other publications as well as a Hero jacket. True to his selfless nature, he has in turn given the jacket to a homeless person in need of it. Supreme Master Ching Hai has also made a contribution of US$2,000 to the Faron Hall National Fund for the Homeless. Mr. Hall expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Master, “To have such a noble organization honor me with a plaque, it’s overwhelming and I’m really appreciative. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever expected recognition to this high esteem, and it’s something that I’m going to remember. Every time I look at it, it gives me a sense of pride. It makes me proud to wake up in the morning, happy to wake up, knowing it changed my life.”

We thank Mr. Hall for his humility, bravery and self-sacrificing example of brotherly love. Praised be his compassion and giving spirit which brightens the lives of fellow beings.