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Doggie Susie Saves Kitten Welly

By Surrey News Group, UK (Originally in English)

In Swindon, England, Greyhound mix Susie began barking when she saw the neighbor’s frightened kitten huddled outside in the freezing cold at night. The 11-week-old Welly had gone missing from his home the previous day. However, Susie was unable to convince her caregivers of what she had found that night and was brought back into the house. The intelligent dog returned to the same spot the next morning and resumed barking, eventually leading Welly’s worried caregiver Lorna Hayes, to spot her in the bushes. After completing a thorough check-up, the vet told Ms. Hayes that if Welly had been outside one more hour, he may not have survived. Ms. Hayes thanked Susie for saving her beloved companion, saying, “Susie is my savior.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai, upon hearing of Susie’s heroic and unconditional love for the tiny kitten and for saving his life, awarded Susie with the Shining World Hero Award and US$200 for vegan doggie treats. Other gifts included a beautiful pink doggie coat and scarf, and a beautiful new doggie bed. Susie’s caregiver Lynn Johnson also received Master’s animal books, DVDs, CDs and vegan chocolates. During the Award presentation which took place at her home on April 28, Golden Year 7 (2010), Susie appeared to be very excited. She munched on some of the doggie biscuits and proudly modeled her new scarf and coat. Ms. Johnson was very touched by Master’s wonderful gifts and kind gesture. She noted in a thank you letter to Master that the extra dog food was shared with a local shelter and the doggies of all shapes and sizes loved the treats.

We celebrate the heroic deeds of super canine Susie. Thank you for showing us the divine intelligence of animals. May you enjoy many happy hours with kitten Welly and your loving caregivers.