The Noble Hearted Philanthropy of a Humble Canadian Couple - Allen & Violet Large

By Canada News Group (Originally in English) 2010.11.29

In July, 2010, when Allen and Violet Large, a retired couple from Nova Scotia, discovered they had won almost CAN$11.3 million in a lottery, they decided to keep two percent of the money and donate the rest to over 70 organizations, including churches, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, animal protection agencies, fire departments, and hospitals particularly those in Truro and Halifax where Violet received cancer treatments. They also gave large, equal-sized gifts to each of their 15 family members.

When the story of their generosity attracted the attention of media from all over the world, making headlines and television news, the couple explained they had always been comfortable living with their 23 year-old car and their more than a century-old house. Violet stated, “We didn’t do this to get recognition. We did this because we wanted to . . . . We have each other . . . that’s the main thing.”

The couple’s life of simple virtue and humility, as well as their gracious spirit of care and concern for others, was honored by Supreme Master Ching Hai with the Shining World Generosity Award. Master wrote in the Award letter, “Your rare and selfless act of unconditional giving will answer prayers and brighten untold lives with the unexpected delight, sincerity and richness of your gift so humbly given . . . . Heaven will surely reward you as it is a spiritual law that no man can sincerely show kindness to another without helping himself.”  

Upon receiving the large parcel containing the Award plaque and other gifts in the mail, the couple expressed sincere appreciation and thanks to Master. “It made us feel good.” Violet said and she added that they have read one of Master’s books about the dogs and thought it is very beautiful.

We join Master in wishing that Mr. Allen and Mrs. Violet Large be graced by Heaven with an abundance of blessing in happiness. We thank them for assisting humankind in this most loving and magnificent way.